Founded in 1978

Law Firm founded in 1978 by the "Abogado del Estado" (Q.C.) Luis Babiano Álvarez de los Corrales. Its principal territorial area comprises the provinces Cadiz and Malaga with specialization in Sotogrande, the Campo de Gibraltar Area, Marbella and Fuengirola.

The law firm is fully experienced in advising foreign clients due to its members being fluent in Spanish, English and French.
The Law Firm, although small in numbers, adapts to the needs of each client through the creation of multidisciplinary teams. Thanks to its flexible structure it has taken part in important national and international operations in which the advice on different areas was needed, " turnkey " type. With the experience acquired in these transactions, it has developed a network of permanent collaborators in other areas of Law as well as financial, architectural, computer, engineering specialties, etc...

At present the law firm has a select clientele from different European and American countries. The Sotogrande Law Firm is specialized in the personalized attention of high net-worth residents in the area through the concept of "family lawyer".